Part 2 Ai?? “I really need your help.” Ai??Joanne Daniels asks for support of her project.

How Can You Help?

One of our friends had her active tours extended. Her three year old daughterAi??stays with Grandma. Troop Chalk Kids will help daughter and mother find a place to have precious quality playtime. Ai??With your help, we can bring families closer – removing the miles separating loved ones. Ai??Help us bring this valuable service to members of the military and their families – Ai??bringing families with young children together to play online with an interactive and collaborative coloring and activity book.


By sponsoring Troop Chalk Kids, we can offer memberships to military members at no cost!

What does Troop Chalk Kids need to provide this service?Ai??Ai??

This will put in place the infrastructure to support the numbers of memberships we areAi??anticipating and make it free for them to use and visit with family whenever they haveAi??an opportunity to do so. This money will help pay for a server that can handle theAi??bandwidth of cialis black reviews. concurrent users or about 10.000 families. We currently can handle only Ai??20 users logged on all at the same time. We want to open this up to more and more Ai??users in time for the holidays.

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