Help us make this a fun place for the young ones to play.

We use original art for our video phone pages. We work with very talented artists and programmers and pay them a stipend to make our pages come alive. Talented people want to help us without a thought of pay – they are doing it for the troops. These people are also among the hardest hit by the recession. Ai?? We are trying to raise $ 4,000 dollars and Ai??Joanne is offering her knitted ChalkKids to help out. Ai?? A sponsorship of Ai??$100.00 Ai??or moreAi??will get you one of Joanne’s dolls. Ai?? AnyAi??amount of monies will get us a little closer. Ai??Thanks from the guys and gals that create and are trying to deliver Troop Chalk Kids.

Joannes hand knitted ChalkKids dolls

We Ai??will fluconazole online. protect your information and never pass it on. We are not affiliated with any religious or political parties.